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We are a technology company that focuses on - developing business software for investment and brokerage companies, providing customized tech solutions for our partners, testing the validity of trading strategies used in our software and continually monitoring their performance.

MT Signals Inc.

The Multitrader platform connects investors to experienced traders. Through it, traders offer their automated or manually controlled trading strategies to clients who then receive these strategies as buy/sell/close signals to their trading account. Clients connected to these strategies have their market orders executed automatically at the trader's discretion.

This whole process is based on the latest technology that transfers trading data between trader accounts and client accounts within milliseconds. All this is performed without any delays and therefore, greatly increases the probability for clients to profit.


The MultiTrader team works closely with brokerage partner Axiory to offer clients superior service. All trade orders are executed through Axiory's liquidity provider, which enables a high-speed connection to the markets. Furthermore, Axiory provides free marketing for traders, so they can effectively concentrate on their trading performance. And because of Axiory's client database, worldwide partners and support team - getting new clients and providing them with quality support requires no extra effort from traders.


To be approved, every strategy must pass through a trial period to analyze its performance and provide at least 6 months of verifiable trading history on a real account. The MultiTrader team verifies all results without any intermediary and further requires traders to write a full strategy description as well as money and risk management details for clients. Those that do not meet these and other requirements, are rejected by MultiTrader's analysts.

Clients will appreciate the user-friendly environment of the MultiTrader platform, which allows them to easily connect to or disconnect from strategies and analyze their performance without ever logging into the complicated MetaTrader 4 platform.

  • View and analyze account performance with detailed charts in feature-rich platform
  • Verified trader results
  • Withdraw funds anytime
  • Connect to or disconnect from strategies anytime
  • CapitalGuard*


MultiTrader uses a safety feature called CapitalGuard for protecting client capital. This feature prevents a strategy's equity from dropping (i.e., drawdown) below a predetermined level defined by its risk type. If this happens, MultiTrader will automatically close the strategy's positions and deactivate the provider's signal to prevent further loss.

To start investing, just click the "Open account" button on any Axiory page.


For professional traders, money managers and strategy creators, MultiTrader allows these creative individuals a new way to share their ingenuity. This software is designed to easily offer their strategies to clients worldwide. Included with MultiTrader is a state-of-the-art high speed copy tool which allows traders to transfer their trades from any MT4 account opened by any brokerage company in any currency base, without the need for additional trading platforms involvement. This speeds up the process from seconds to milliseconds and results in virtually no loss in points when transferring.

  • Free marketing
  • Global clientele without any extra work
  • Copy tool transfers trades from any MT4 account with any brokerage in any currency with almost no point difference
  • Performance fees automatically applied to the trader's account

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Investment and brokerage companies can become a partner and offer the MultiTrader platform to their clients. This customizable platform is whitelabel ready and a powerful addition to any company's business model. The MultiTrader team can create special trader portfolios for companies to present to clients, along with creative tech solutions that fulfill its investment needs and expand opportunities for business.

  • User-friendly, customizable client platform
  • Whitelabel ready
  • Database of profitable traders
  • Personalized trader portfolios
  • Investment tech solutions that satisfy company growth needs

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If you have any questions at all, we provide 24 hour support during work days. We are always ready to help anytime with any process or just to explain the details about our products. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

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